John Robert Powers Successes

Giovanna Zito

Congratulations to Giovanna Zito who won The Pretty Little Princess Pageant in September!

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Zane Shaw

Zane is on the cover of Northshore Magazine. He went to IPOP! Las Vegas 2007, and signed with Hines and Hunt in LA. He is now in LA for pilot season.

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Arvinder Bahia

Arvinder is a graduate of JRP-Chicago. These are two of her pictures in the American Girl Catalogs, January 2008 and Late Winter respectively.

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Austin Herda

Austin booked the season finale for Criminal Minds!  He attended IPOP in Los Angeles 2007.

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Migle is an elite member of John Robert Powers Chicago.  She participated in the CBS Kid Nation where she became a $50,000 gold star winner!  

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Kelly Bode

Kelly shot a movie in April 2005 named "Lakehouse" with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock.  The film released in February 2006.  She has been in the American Girl Catalog.  She was also on the happy meal box for the American Idol sweepstakes campaign.

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Ishmael Hatter

Ishmal did a national commercial for Leap Frog Leapster.  He was in an independent film named "Andrew's Pirate".  He also shot a print ad with Scott Foresman.  Ishmal has done a commercial for ABC Channel 11 called "No More Bullies", a documentary in LA, "The Life of Cartoonist Maurie Lewis" and a print ad for the Nike Stores.  He also just completed an underarmor cleets commercial with Devin Hester on June 9.  Ishmal is signed with Acme in LA for theater, and Abrahams Artist for print!

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