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Ashley Hinshaw


Ashley Hinshaw is a JRP-Chicago Alumni.  She has been very busy, you can see Ashley on the TV series True Blood.  She plays the part of Brigette!  Ashley has completed The movie "The Grounds" as Julie and the movie "The Pyramid" as Nora.  " Deserted Cities" is in post production as well as "Hell of a View" where she plays Sarah.  in 2015 she stars as Linda Pep in the movie  "Pep"!  She has done various ads including Abercrombie and Fitch

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Alex Haussmann

Alex Haussmann is JRP Grad. He was on the meTV-Nickelodeon webwall and was also in the Discovery Channel's movie, "Most Evil" playing the part of David Berkowitz as a child. 

Alex did a commercial for the Splish Splash Water Park and a National PSA Commercial called "Lone Star" for Childhood Obesity.  He can also be seen in the blockbuster movie "2012" with his twin brother Philippe, along with actor John Cusack.

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Philippe Haussmann

Philippe Haussmann is a JRP-Grad.  Philippe was the meTV-Nickelodeon webwall winner.  He has also been seen in the Discovery Channel's movie, "Most Evil" playing the part of John Wayne Gacey as a child and "Most Evil 2" playing the part of Richard Farley as a child.   Philippe has done a commercial for the Splish Splash Water Park and a National PSA Commercial called "Lone Star" for Childhood Obesity. Philippe can be seen in the blockbuster movie "2012" with his twin brother Alex along with actor John Cusack.

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Andrew Popovich


Andrew  has been busy.  He has done an ad for Windex, he is in the Learning Resource Magazines, Ltd. Commodities, He has done an ad for Inflatable Boxing Gloves, and K-Mart.  

Andrew has appeared in the musical Oz as well. The Devil mask was for he is dressed in is from a a movie called Hallows Eve...

Andrew is signed with Steward Kids-Chicago

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Blake Buczkiewicz

blake buczkiewicz headshot

Blake Buczkiewicz is a John Robert Powers Chicago alumni and attended iPOP! Blake is in the  movie "Contagion" with Matt Damon. 

He has been cast as Buster in :"The Last Adventure" at the Gorilla Tango Theater.   Blake has done print ads for Kohls and Ashley Furniture.  He has been in a webisode for Jake Jarvi of Harmony Joyride Productions entitled "Platoon of Power"; a trailer for "Prison Boat" a Comedy Central TV pilot by Farhan Arshad; and an anti-violence public service announcement produced by JKBU Productions.  He can also be seen in his first project "Killing Time" by Jon Karmen. 

Blake has done a commercial for Stein Gardens and Unilock Paver.  Lily Liu from Lily's Talent just signed an exclusive with Blake.

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Paulina Olszynska

Paulina Olszynska is a lifetime member of John Robert Powers Chicago and she has been to iPOP! twice.   Paulina has been cast as Morgan in the movie "Anguish". Paulina can be seen in the Wes Craven movie "My Soul To Take".  Her other credits include a commercial for; she has appeared in three episodes of Grey's Anatomy, and she shot the pilot for "Aliens in America".  Paulina has also appeared in the pilot for "Lincoln Heights", episodes of "Two and 1/2 Men", "CSI Miami", and "Wizards of Waverly Place".

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Gerald Jones

gerald headshot

Gerald went through our showcase at our New York JRP location.  Within a month, Gerald has had several auditions for companies such as Old Navy, Children's Place, Sponge Bob, and Eggo and he is currently appearing on the AT&T Commercial.

Alexa Tan


Alexa Tan is JRP-Grad.  She was picked up by the director of Babes N Beaus Model and Talent Agency in Chicago. You can see Alexa in American Girl Catalog!

Ryan Mitchell


Ryan Mitchell is a graduate of JRP-Chicago.  He is represented by Don Underwood of Babes 'N Beaus Model and Talent Agency.  Ryan has booked a role in the new Warner Brothers film "Autumn Frost".  Code name for "Superman, Man of Steel".  He will be shooting in Chicago and Vancouver.

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Walden is a JRP-Grad and she has also been to iPOP!  Walden has done a photo shoot for Vyne Magazine.  

Walden is represented by URSupermodels Management and NYMMG.  She has done print work for Joy Scott, a milliner designer.  Walden's photos will be featured in the international directory of Hat Life. In addition, Walden has done two bridal shows, one which was featured on WGN news.

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Joshua Banks

Joshua Banks is a JRP-Chicago Grad.  Joshua has played the part of "Peanut Butter" in the Chicago Black Ensemble Theatre production of "The Other Cinderella."  He has also played prince charming and other various characters at Walt Disney World resorts and played the part of "Duane" in the Jedlicka Performing Arts Center production of 'Hairspray."

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