Letters from Agents and Clients of John Robert Powers

Quotes from Agents

JRP Chicago and Gem Entertainment Group have had a long working relationship over many years and have shared the experience fo being associated with some incredibly successful young clients. We here at Gem Entertainment Group have enjoyed being a part of the JRP events and have seen how JRP and iPOP and its seminars have grown and evolved, becoming stronger each year. This has only offered us and other leaders in the field of representation opportunities for obtaining young clients which we can then further develop and place in television series, feature films, commercials and print and advertising media. Thank you again and we look foward to revisitng one of your schools again soon.

Glenn Hughes

Gem Entertainment Group, Inc.-Los Angeles

It was my great pleasure to scout your Chicago school this weekend. It was exciting to see how passionate and prepared all your career students were and I enjoyed meeting every last one. Thanks for inviting me out and presenting me with such tremendous talent.

Shepard Smith

Archetype Management & Production-Los Angeles

It was exciting to visit your school in Chicago. I am always anxious to meet the career students-those actors who want to make it their life's work.

Susie Mains

Trilogy Talent-Los Angeles

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to meet and audition the students at your school. I found you students to be well prepared, energetic and trained will with their monologues and commercial auditions.

Dede Binder

Defining Artists-Los Angeles

It was absolutely terrific getting to visit your Chicago school this weekend and be able tosee all of the great talent you have. I was so glad I had the opportunity to see you! I was, as always, impressed by the professionalism displayed by your students as well as your staff.

Sydel Lisi-Hand

Coast to Coast Talent Group - Los Angeles

Thank you for allowing Lily's Talent Agency to come to take a look at your kids! The event was great and the kids were fantastic!

Calle Hack

Lily's Talent Agency-Chicago

It was such a pleasure getting to visit this weekend, thank you for everything!! I had a wonderfull time and as always was blown away by the high caliber of students I saw.

Jeremy Apody

Abrams Artists Agency-Los Angeles


It was my first time visiting the Chicago school and the students and the staff were great. The staff was professional and the kids seemed very well prepared. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing more of your great kids act!

Greg Meyer

Meyer Management Group-Los Angeles

"I wanted to send you and the entire John Robert Powers Chicago team a thank you letter as well as my congratulations for once again coordinating an incredible weekend with some very talented and focused young actors. It is very apparent that your students are benefiting from your team's emphasis on the importance of education and practice in the pursuit of acting We believe it is essential for parents, young adults and children to be given the opportunity to learn the facts of the business personally from qualified and sincere people, knowledgeable people with experience in all areas of the business."

Glenn Hughes
GEM Entertainment Group
Gem Entertainment Group, Inc. - Los Angeles


"John Robert Powers Chicago has been instrumental in helping Lily's find new quality talent year after year. From booking their students from McDonald's and Quaker Cereal commercials to print ads such as American Girl and Kohl's, John Robert Powers Chicago has prepared their students with professional acting and print skills to be better prepared for auditions and castings. Their auditions are conducted with much care and effort which result in the smooth and efficient process of each student successfully showing their very best within a couple of minutes. The staff at John Robert Powers Chicago is a real pleasure to work with!

Lily Liu
Lily's Talent Agency
Lily's Talent Agency, Inc. - Chicago


I would like to thank John Robert Powers Chicago for the opportunity to come in and scout for new talent. The quality of talent we have found during our casting calls has been great! The new talent we signed from John Robert Powers Chicago have all been booked for 3-4 jobs within 2-months of signing them to our agency! Coming this fall and next spring we will have talent that we have scouted from John Robert Powers Chicago in New York, Asia, and the Europe Fashion markets. The staff at John Robert Powers Chicago is very professional and friendly in helping us with our needs, making us feel very welcome and running a smooth audition. We look forward to discovering more quality talent from John Robert Powers Chicago!
Jaffa R. Odum
Jaffa Models International
Jaffa Models International - Chicago


Thanks again for having me attend your school! I had a great time and found some great kids! It is obvious that you take great care in the preparation of each and every student; they are wonderful.

Philip Leader
Brown Leader Management Group - Los Angeles


The students I auditioned at the John Robert Powers Chicago were talented, disciplined, respectful and eager. The staff was warm, wonderful and cooperative. I found work-ready talent that I would bring in to audition for any of my projects in Los Angeles. John Robert Powers Chicago Rocks! I can't wait to come back.

Harriet Greenspan
Harriet Greenspan Casting - Los Angeles


Thank you for another successful audition. I found a lot of awesome new models and talent. Keep up the great work!

Ann Emmerich
The Emmerich Agency - Chicago


John Robert Powers Chicago is one of the Best Run Schools I've been to and I've been to a lot of them I found incredible talent that I would like to add to my roster. Thanks Again!

Eddie Winkler
Acme Agents
Acme Agents “ Los Angeles


It is such a pleasure to find fresh faces that are marketable and have the skills to compete at auditions to land the job! Thank you for everything it was such a pleasure - I can't wait to come back!!

Jeremy Apody
Abram Artist
Abrams Artist “ Los Angeles


I was very impressed by the level of talent and the high degree of preparation your students displayed

Paul Weber, CSA
MGM Casting “ Los Angeles


The John Robert Powers Chicago students were very professional and courteous. I enjoyed watching each and every one of them and found an abundance of talent to draw from! Thanks very much!!

Stephanie Sullivan
Encore Talent Agency
Encore Talent Agency - Chicago

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