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How should I dress for auditions?

Most people think that they need to dress in trendy, fashionable clothes when they go to their first audition. However, this is not what an agent wants to see. They are interested in looking at beautiful people, not the latest fashions.  They also want to see natural looks so that fashion editors, hairstylists, makeup artists, and clothing stylists can turn them into exquisite images of beauty. That's why you want to dress down so the agent will notice you, and not your over-styled hair, funky clothes, and acrylic nails. The way to make a positive first impression is to dress as simply as possible, so the real you shines through.  Avoid high heels, because agents want to see how tall you naturally are. Over-sized and baggy clothes hide your shape and make you look like you have something to hide. Avoid anything trendy, messy, dressy, or over-done.

What criteria must someone follow in order to be successful in acting?

For anyone to be successful in the acting field, each person should follow "The 4 D's of Success":

Determination-Don't let anyone deter you if this is what you want to do.
Drive-Keep modeling and acting! Make sure you have other interests as well.
Direction-Do your homework on agents! The business will not spoil you, you can only spoil yourself.
Discipline-Go to every casting and accept all the jobs you book; agents will notice and work with you.

What opportunities exist for real-people models?

There are many opportunities for real-people models, also known as character models. Real people models are handled by commercial agents and not fashion model agents. These models portray "real people" in many areas of advertising, television commercials, music videos, and even industrial training films. The stereotypical "model" characteristics are not determining factors in hiring a real people model. However, these models do need to be proficient at expressing different emotions, facial expressions, and have strong acting skills. If you seem interested in this type of work, you should consider taking on-camera or acting classes.

What is the worst thing an actor can do during an audition?

One of the worst things an actor can do is not to be prepared or know anything about the role they showed up for.
Not being on time for the audition - if you are not on time for the audition, what makes the agent think you will be on time for the job.
Another is apologizing for yourself or making excuses when you mess up your lines.  You should never call attention to your mistakes.


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