About JRP Chicago/New York

Every John Robert Powers is individually owned and operated.

John Robert Powers Chicago is owned by Colleen Collins Enterprises, LLC.

John Robert Powers New York is owned by CoCo Productions New York LLC.

It is the goal of John Robert Powers Chicago/New York is to, simply, be the best acting, modeling, singing, dancing, and life skills academy in Chicago and New York.

We put a premium on the caliber of everything from our support staff to our physical space with an obvious emphasis on our coaches. As is evident from the extremely recognizable members of our faculty here in Chicago and New York, we have sought far and wide and worked diligently to procure the services of these wonderfully talented and gifted individuals.

We are all about you, our current and prospective clients. We pride ourselves on being as accessible as possible and doing everything within our means to help you reach your dreams.

Please feel free to contact any one of our representatives at anytime with respect to any and all questions you may have.


Our purpose is to instill confidence in clients by helping them discover their natural talents. We'll teach them how to enhance their strengths in a way that will serve them for a lifetime. We'll show them how to empower themselves so they become confident individuals with strong work ethics, a sense of humanity, and a greater appreciation for others. We've accomplished our goals when our clients achieve the personal and professional success they seek.


When we are deciding to accept someone for this amazing opportunity, we also decide whether or not to work with their parents. We realize that the cooperation, assistance and emotional support of the family are critical to the success of a client. Our process is what the industry refers to as "an audition". For many of you, this is your very first audition. Congratulations on taking the first step. In this audition you will be given a short commercial script and then will be put on camera in the studio followed by an interview with both the child and parent. Very informative information on the industry will be given. The John Robert Powers staff will make selections based on availability or opening in a type cast (based on age, height, hair color, eye color and ethnicity), industry knowledge, and questioning GPA (Grade Point Average).  Next you will be given a specific time to call the next day to find out the results of your audition. Warning: The staff is going to be very HONEST about the person's potential or NOT potential. This feedback is not to hurt anyone's feelings, but should be taken as constructive criticism. However, the most important thing to remember when auditioning is there is no right or wrong way to do it, just have FUN!! Bring your personality. Be Yourself!! We want to see YOU.

When John Robert Powers Chicago/New York works with a client, that person is seen and interviewed by industry professionals every month. Top agents, managers, and casting directors from Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami come to Chicago/New York looking for their new faces and their next star. This being the case, development must include self-esteem, public speaking ability, interviewing skills, auditioning skills and proper goal setting - short and long term. Physical presentation and image means everything. It's that first impression that can make or break you in this business.

Marketing is a key ingredient to the success of our company and clientele. Our clients are seen by the largest groups in the world each month. They are seriously considered for television, feature film and print work. Working in this industry is not based on a submission of photos. It requires meeting and networking with potential employers face to face. If you are currently in an acting program or an aspiring model represented by a local agency and wondering, "Why am I not working in this industry?" Marketing is the answer. This is what makes us unique and unlike any other company in the world, EXPOSURE !!!

Do you have what it takes to be a star?
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